Prepare to be offended: I’m a proud, heterosexual male

“All the world’s a stage…” Shakespeare penned so long ago talking about the roles people play in life. Being a philosopher who sees life operating in a mechanical fashion, that there are certain aspects of life which operate much like a machine in order for the world to operate efficiently, I often shake my head at those who insist on breaking down certain barriers, barriers that are written on our genes and then they wonder why the world rebels against their desires.

I am a male, that is emblazoned on my DNA thanks to that Y-chromosome that equips me with certain physical aspects. I embrace my maleness, I embrace the role that this entails, I love the psychological aspects that come along with being “protector and provider”, it is what makes me a “man”. I choose to cooperate with my nature, and am confused by those who want to reject theirs. Apparently embracing these makes me a homophobic, sexist, male chauvinistic pig. Okay, so be it. What does mean to embrace ones maleness? I guess that is a question worthy of asking.

It means that I accept what I came equipped with and what it is for. I came equipped to be physically bigger and stronger than my counter-part, but that doesn’t mean that I abuse it. I came equipped to bring half of the component to create another life, but I don’t go around wasting it. In order for me to to most adequately fulfill my purpose, there is a role that I have to fit into, that I have to play, in order for the machinery of life to work efficiently and effectively, I have to play the role of husband to my wife and father to my children and I have to do those tasks faithfully and determinedly else the machine breaks down, the system falls apart.

If you ever think that the machine is big enough or strong enough to handle a complete break down, then you must either be ignorant or insolent. Can it handle and anomaly? Yes, the occasional anomaly can cause a hiccup, but it is absorbed by the rest of the machine, but when the components start abandoning their duties and responsibilities: watch out, things are about to get weird and the machine that we drive will begin to fall apart.


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