Wondering with wonder at the wonder of it all

I have to say, I spend a lot of time considering things, trying to figure out the ways to explain the ideas put forth in the gospels, and sometimes there are just no words that can give an adequate sense of what has been done for us in Christ. Skeptics have their reasons, most are nonsensical with the facts presented, for not believing or having their doubts. But I want to take just a few minutes and point out some things I’ve noticed.
Jesus of Nazareth was given a sham of a trial. It was done under cover of darkness because his enemies knew that they could never convict him of anything so they had to get some witnesses to collaborate on their testimony just to find something worthy of calling for his death.

All three trials, the Sanhedrin trial, the trial before Herod, and finally before Pilate, were humorous when you look at them, kangaroo courts that two of the three found Jesus innocent, even a fourth of sorts on the Pavement before the crowd when they called for the release of Barabbas instead of Jesus at the insistence of the Jewish leadership. Pilate finally caved and sentenced Jesus, an innocent man to death. Anyone with any sense would say that this is not fair, and I would most certainly agree if I were looking at this in the natural, but I see things in the extra-natural.

If there is a God who is infinite, immensely powerful, and personal in nature, this is not a problem. If this God was powerful for Him to inhabit a human body is nothing. For Him to sit back silently and let the play unfold is nothing, because He is in control of the situation. If Jesus of Nazareth was truly God these things had to happen.

Both halves of humanity had to assent to his death. He only had to take the place of one man who truly deserved to be punished, the murderer Barabbas, to stand in the place of all men because he is an infinite being. He would only have to die under the authority of one government since by their construction all governments operate under the authority of God for it to be legitimate. He would only have to die once to bear the effect for all, since he is infinite. But because the same applies he could also be raised as a promise to all who would believe in Him. Ain’t that a lot to think about and, if you believe it, be really happy about?

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