Should We Throw Away Our Bibles Over Some Bones?

The headline reads something like this, “Throw Away Your Bibles, We Found Something That Destroys It!” At least that is how it will read to anyone who is looking for a reason to do just that. If you take the advice you are either ignorant or foolish or both. A recent article that spread through the science news over the past few weeks gloatingly pronounces a “glaring anachronism” in the Bible that “proves” that it was written by men.
First, let me point out the obvious untruth in that particular statement: anyone who has any sense of anything about the Bible would never claim otherwise; it is a nonsense claim.
Second, the evidence is only being interpreted in the context of one nation’s history, that of Israel, so I’m not sure what term you would use to describe that attitude other that arrogance, so if anyone knows please tell me.
Third, just a quick scan of Wikipedia, while not the most trustworthy of sources but a starting point, claims that domestication of camels began in Mesopotamia, of all places, some 500 to 1000 years before the time period in question.
So, my reflection on the article is this: don’t worry about throwing out your Bibles just yet because the claims in the article just don’t bear out with the facts of history. The claims made do however bear out with the scientific arrogance (which is itself a combination of ignorance and pride, both of which are dangerous) of those who are looking for some way to legitimize the casting off of the authority of God. Check out this article to see what we ought to be majoring on.
Oh, just one of those useless bits of Bible trivia that I like to hang on to for times such as these: where was Abram (Abraham) from originally?
Answer: from Ur of the Chaldeans, over toward Mesopotamia.


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