Liberty and Correcting Misconceptions, Part 1

After watching the culture for a number of years, I have begun to realize that there is a great deal of ignorance floating around in the pool of ideas from which the average person comes to drink his fill of concepts and ideas. One of these ignorances is in the area of rights, as in when a person insists that they “have a right to do ‘x’ because of ‘y’.”

In this great nation in which I live, the United States, there is a concept of “divine right”, sometimes refered to as “individual sovereignty”, that a person has certain “unalienable rights” that they have been endowed by their Creator with, these rights are described in what has been refered to as “the birth certificate of our nation”, our Declaration of Independence. It is a remarkable document that makes certain statements that were very forward thinking, statements that infuriated the world, starting a firestorm. This document, declares to the world, the intent to establish a nation where the three basic rights of all individuals would not merely be enshrined for protection but for excercise.

This document makes the bold assertion that these rights are “self-evident”, they aren’t hidden and have to be dug up or dragged out, that in the normal course of life, they can be clearly seen but are often ignored. If you have the opportunity to read the Declaration of Independence over the next few days, please, do so. Over the next few posts I’ll be looking at these three freedoms, making some assesments as to how we have either ignored or misunderstood these rights, and how they require responsibilty to be lived out. Until next time…


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