So how’s that lifestyle working out for you?

Lifestyles, how a person chooses to live their life, can be good or bad, better or worse , and the overtly selfish nature of human beings can often blur those lines making it difficult to distinguish exactly what the scale is. Some distinctions are easy to make, blatantly obvious, yet even then questions can arise because of individual tastes, but even those can be questionable.

People, as a general rule, do not take kindly to their choices being questioned. We will often grasp tightly to a bad choice, running with it like the winning run in the Super Bowl even though we are running toward the wrong end zone. It is the terrible burden of human pride and arrogant self assurance that often drives it. Rather than admit that we might be wrong, and express a willingness to correct, we raise our heads, stiffening our necks in stubborn defiant because “we know best” about what our lives entail wen though we can’t see what the next second might bring. We live our lives in the past, thinking that we can somehow make the future better by repeating the mistakes of the past faster and more furiously rather than endeavoring to change it by avoiding those mistakes. But it is not merely avoidance that must be practiced, a change of mind must be practiced, even a change of how we live our lives in order to change the past and create a new future filled with promise.


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