A Requiem for Innocence

Have you ever watched a situation unfold, watching as parts and bit parts are played out, as things seem to spin out of control? I’ve been watching the culture for a number of years and I suddenly made a connection to something that at one time, at least, seemed to be obvious. Something died in this nation, it died and the stink of it is just beginning to reach our nostrils.

If you’ve studied any psychology, especially when it comes to the consideration of grief, when something or someone dies that is beloved departs from us, and leaves us facing an uncertain future without that presence in our lives, there are stages of grief. What is this thing that I speak of? It is our innocence. There is a point in our lives, mostly when we are young, the world seems bright and glorious and full of possibilities then, one day, something happens to intrude on that perception. I don’t want to say that this innocence is a perfect innocence, rather it is a functional innocence. It allows people to see the world with fresh eyes, that is why when it is gone, it is so desperately missed. Once the seal on innocence is broken, it’s sweet perfume escapes quickly, it is why we call children that abound in it “wise beyond their years”, because theirs is still intact, it allows them to look beyond what is immediate and see truth. Those of us who have lost our innocence, and remember it fondly, look for those moments, we seek to protect those amongst ourselves who still have it and are deathly opposed to those who seek to strip it away. Maybe I will write more about this.

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