A Christmas Reality Check

The approach of Christmas brings out the those who have doubts about the truth of Christianity or religion in general. There are numerous tired claims that get trotted out in an attempt to attack the truth claims presented in the Bible, I say “tired” because when they are truly considered on the basis of the evidence they fall flat and just aren’t born out by the evidence. Probably one of the most somewhat convincing of them, for the uninitiated and those unfamiliar with the arguments is the claim that “all religions are the same”, an argument based in certain philosophical aspects where there is some, not much, common ground.
There are some places, superficial places, where religions do touch some common ground, but these instances are few and far between, and often must be overly generalized in order to be reached. If all religions were truly the same, they would have to reach similar conclusions about certain issues, but they just don’t. The similarities often end when checked against the realities of life, they really end when pushed up against certain qualifiers, such as:
1. The nature of God,
2. The nature of man,
3. The nature of sin,
4. The nature of salvation,
5. The nature of eternity.
When one starts pushing for answers to those issues, the similarities end and bigger questions begin. We can begin to see what makes them distinct and where they differ, and begin to find out where the truth lies when checked against the backdrop of reality, the evidence they present to support their claims, a place where I have come to see that Christianity has the advantage, where its claims not only line up with reality, but establish the premises against which reality must be judged.

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