Hate may not be as bad as we want to think

Hate. Intolerance. Two words that have risen to prominence in the past decade. It’s fascinating that those who choose to use them in describing certain groups often are the ones guilty of the supposed crime. I guess it’s a case of the “pot calling the kettle ‘black'” in order to distract from the issue.

It is a huge topic that is widely talked around nowadays. I say, “talked around”, because whatever it is, is somehow being mistaken for something else in order to cover for what it is. If we go to the dictionary for its true definition we might find that it means something like, “an extreme dislike for a person, place, or thing.” It is often couched in opposition to love, painted as an evil and undesirable emotion, but is it? If hate is all bad, why do we draw distinctions and make certain comparisons? It could be concluded that hate, taken strictly on its definition is not a negative or a positive, but just is. Hate, rather than being the polar opposite of love, is necessary for love to truly exist.

If I do not have a certain measure of hate towards other women I am unable to truly love my wife. If I do not have a certain measure of hate for other children, I cannot truly love my children. Hate is merely a means of differentiation between relational conditions, which requires clear, unambiguous definitions just to work properly.

Hate requires reason to work, it has to be based in facts. Hate that has no reason behind it leads to injustice and deprivation and destruction. Unreasoned hate always says, “death to those who disagree”, reasonable hate says, “come, let’s talk”. One could assume that the former leads to intolerance, while the latter tolerance. It is a difficult road to travel because it requires a person to constantly examine themselves, to examine their motives, to examine where it is they stand and what it is they truly want. It’s a lot to consider, it is necessary though to find that happy medium that everyone seeks: true love and true acceptance.


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