A curious thing about truth

Truth is an uncomfortable thing. It forces one into one of two paths: acceptance or rejection.
What is funny about truth is that it doesn’t change. It doesn’t rely on our feelings, on our state of mind, on our situation in life, if something is true, it is true regardless of circumstance.
Often we try to make it subjective, by attempting to make it agree with our appetites, but truth has a peculiar side effect: run contrary to it long enough and it will kill you. Objectifying truth makes it cold and uncompassionate, it makes it hard to accept. Thankfully though, truth is not a thing, rather it is a person, the Person who came, in love, to seek and save that which was lost and restore it to a right relationship with the God of creation.
Love and truth are therefore interconnected, one cannot exist without the other. You can’t claim to truly love, unless you embrace truth, and you can’t claim to know the truth unless you love, and both are dependent on a unique historical event, the arrival of a man, born in peculiar circumstances, who made certain claims that, if they are true, place our very lives, our existence at stake. That’s something worth considering at this time of year.


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