Does being “tolerant” equal stupidity?

That is a question that I’m beginning to ask as the culture proceeds deeper into the abysmal depths of progressivism. In a recent newspaper article, gay activists and some politicians who are either ignorant or just plain stupid, I think spending time in DC softens the brain, are seeking to push back a 30 year ban on men-who-have -sex-with-men (MSM) donating blood. These measures were put in place in the mid-80’s to protect the blood supply after a number of people were infected and died from HIV-infected blood. Now while the instances have greatly decreased, thanks to the ban, some tolerant politicians (read stupid people) are pressuring HHS Secretary Sebelius to roll back the ban.

All this while the number of instances of MSM is increasing, which is not safe in any sense whatsoever (scientific fact), and two new strains of HIV were recently identified, strains which are currently untreatable, and they want to take away the only means of protection that has proven effective. It’s stupidity for the sake of being politically correct.

Here’s a link to the article just for perusing:


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