Was anyone actually thinking when they did this?

I am known to over-think things, to look at every last detail, partly because I am a perfectionist as well as mildly OCD, but as I look at the ever-looming (un)Affordable Care Act, which threatens to kill our current health care system all while making sure that that everyone (read everyone)gets free birth control, I have to ask, “did anyone actually think this through?”
Most likely they were looking at all the liberal/progressive young women who fancy themselves as potential porn stars and saying, “Hey, we can guarantee their vote from here on out by making sure they get the ‘pill’ and their abortions paid for.” But did they actually consider what it was they were actually proposing? Probably not. They were actually gearing up a program to breed themselves out of existence. A good thing in my estimation, but not in the overall formula of life. They forgot to ask about who would be paying for this. But that is just typical liberal shortsightedness.
I posed a question to a lawyer, who is suing the government on behalf of business owners who have distinct religious objections based on 1st amendment concerns. And while in the real world, where I live, these are valid arguments based on a historical hermeneutic of our founding documents, in the liberal/secular/progressive world and mindset they are meaningless. So, I look to the left’s own argument, “equality and freedom”, and ask the question no one seems to want to ask: how is being forced to pay for something I don’t want or need an example of equality and freedom?
As best I can tell, it is only a perfect example of inequality and tyranny, something that the left only excels at. Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving/Hanukkah.

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