Where to begin…

Having never actually written anything of substance, aside from the occassional college research paper, and being struck by an awful case of A.D.D., I have decided to try my hand at blogging. I guess, if anything, this might be the place where I might vent some general frustrations, observations, or casual assertions, along with some common sense, which appears to be in short supply these days.

The tagline for this blog is, “dropping the hammer on truth, justice, and anything that crosses my mind”, something I’m sure will need to be clarified. I’m a shooter, everything from blunderbusses to M4’s, and to me there is nothing like putting a few down-range to ease of pressure from a stressful day. “Dropping the hammer” is a shooting term, and right now, I’m in a place where I can’t just run out and fire off a few rounds to ease off my frustration, so I’ve decided to do it thusly. I shoot from the hip. I’m accurate, and I just need to fly the flag of my opinion on issues that are important to me, and I hope that maybe they’re important to anyone who might stumble across this blog.

I just have a few requests, which will probably be ignored, but I have to bring it up anyway, just in case someone ever comments on a post:
1. Be polite
2. Be courteous
3. Be direct

I’m not fond of rude people, (think of the character “Woodrow F. Call” in the book Lonesome Dove) and can be quite rude and vicious in my own right if I have to be. It’s alot to ask, I know, but I have to try. Anyway…

That’s all for now…


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